Section D : Manufacturing
Division 34 : Manufacture of motor vehicles, Trailers and Semi-trailers
Group Class Sub - Class Description
341 3410   Manufacture of motor vehicles
    34101 Manufacture of medical and surgical equipment and orthopedic appliance
    34102 Manufacture of motor vehicles for the transport of goods: ordinary lorries, trucks and goods vans; lorries with automatic discharging devices, tan kers, drop frame lorries, refuse collectors, etc. ; special purpose motor lorries and trucks e.g. motor breakdown lorries, armoured cars, street sweepers, mobile medical and dental clinics, travelling libraries etc.; also included over-the-road tractors for semi-trailers
    34103 Manufacture of motor cars
    34104 Manufacture of jeeps and station wagons
    34105 Manufacture of special purpose motor cars such as racing cars, golf cars etc
    34106 Manufacture of chassis fitted with engines for the motor vehicles included in this class
    34107 Manufacture of compression-ignition or spark-ignition reciprocating or rotary internal combustion engines used to power motor vehicles
    34109 Manufacture of other motor vehicles (excluding motorcycle) and related equipment n.e.c
342 3420   Manufacture of bodies (coach work) for motor vehicles; manufacture of trailers and semi-trailers
    34201 Manufacture of bodies (including cabs) designed to be mounted on motor vehicle chassis, bodies for vehicles without chassis and unit construction bodies; bodies for passenger vehicles, lorries and special purpose vehicles; bodies of metal, wood, plastics or combination of these or other material
    34202 Manufacture of supply meters for electricity, water or gas
    34203 Manufacture of containers (including the containers for the transport of fluids) specially designed and equipped for carriage by one or more modes of transport
    34209 Manufacture of other attachments to motor vehicles n.e.c
343 3430 34300 Manufacture of parts and accessories for motor vehicles and their engines [brakes, gear boxes, axles, road wheels, suspension shock absorbers, radiators, silencers, exhaust pipes, steering wheels, steering columns and steering boxes and other parts and accessories n.e.c.]
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